Top Tips for Guys on How to Mix and Match

Let’s take a look at what accessories will do your outfit justice. As we know by now accessories set a tone or add a spark to your look, however there are certain aspects to take into account namely; colour, texture and the type of suit you are wearing on the day. It’s the 21st century and it should be illegal to wear a matching tie and square combo.

Our forefathers wore it like that, but now it’s time for change! A change is as good as a holiday after all. There’s nothing wrong with buying a pocket square combo, just mix and match them with others of a different colour and pattern. An important point to remember is that the pocket square shouldn’t be the same colour as your suit jacket. It should pop out and make a bold statement, which will be enhanced by not matching your pocket square with your tie.  

Hint: let one item pop out. If your suit is bold and playful then have subtle accessories and visa versa. You will make an even stronger statement!  

With the ever-evolving menswear trend we have seen African and floral prints rocking the runway. Be sure to balance the pairing of patterns and colours though. Prints can be very loud and overbearing, so rather use one item, such as your jacket or pants, and mix it with a solid, neutral colour to break up the busyness of the prints.  

Your watch will always be your go-to statement piece. Update it by pairing it with a bracelet. Watches with a metallic or chrome strap should be paired with a silver or gold bracelet. Leather or woven strap watches will be more flattering with rope or bead bracelets.  

Pairing, mixing and matching are all part of the fun. Remember guys, there’s nothing wrong with making a mistake… it simple means you’re trying. Now get out there and play!

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