11 Unconventional Ways to Get Quick Cash

As many people face lost income due to the ongoing pandemic, it can be a struggle to think of new strategies to get the cash they need.

In particular, people are trying to find ways to get money without compromising their health and safety, and may not be aware of the new online services they can take advantage of, such as becoming a website tester or taking out online installment loans.

Here are some ideas to inspire people to think creatively about how anyone can make the most out of the skills and stuff they already have.

Checking out local opportunities

1.     Applying for focus groups
Focus groups and market testing can be a great way to make $100 or more in a matter of hours. Any given person probably won’t suit every focus group’s needs, so apply to as many as possible through sites like and User Interviews.

2.     Becoming a website tester
Becoming a website tester through a website like UserTesting or WebPageTest is fast and easy, and doesn’t involve any technical know-how. It just involves experiencing the website the way an average user does and reporting back. Although a website tester might not start out earning much per test, one can get a higher rate with experience.

3.     Getting an online installment loan
If someone needs a substantial amount of money right now and is confident they’ll be able to pay it back in the future, instant installment loans can be a great option. Installment loans can be paid back in periods from three to 24 months and, depending on the state, they can be obtained directly online. Plus, one can get money the same day.

4.     Selling blood or plasma
A classic quick-cash strategy, selling blood or plasma not only puts money in the donor’s pocket, but it also does a good deed for the world. Blood donation drives have been canceled around the country due to coronavirus, meaning hospitals are in more need of blood than ever. That means donors can get paid to save a life!

Selling things that aren’t being used around the house

5.     Old clothes
Got a pair of jeans that haven’t fit for a few years? An old dress that’s just waiting for tie-dye to come back into style? Selling old clothes is a great way to declutter and save money at the same time.

6.     Gift cards
Many people have a few gift cards lying around from a well-intentioned relative that doesn’t quite “get” their taste. It’s easy to turn those gift cards into cash through sites like Cardpool or GiftCard Granny. They don’t offer 100% of the value but, depending on the card, a trade-in could get as much as 92%, and then that money can be used where it’s actually needed.

7.     Books and games
If there are books or games in reasonably good condition that haven’t been touched in a while, one could list them for sale on Amazon or eBay.

8.     Old cellphones
Even if a phone isn’t worth much traded in at Apple, it’s possible to still see some money through a service like SellCell.

Putting skills to use

9.     Coming up with a Fiverr pitch
Some people might have heard of Fiverr as a place where they can barter various freelance skills such as graphic design or writing. But even if someone doesn’t have a typical freelance-ready skillset, they can try to think of something creative and unique they can offer, like on-demand prank ideas or killer celebrity impressions.

10.  Trying virtual tutoring
There are a lot of kids out of school right now, and that means the demand for virtual tutors is way up. For someone who killed it in High School English or Algebra, it’s a great time to consider applying for an online tutoring gig at one of the many competing tutor websites.

11.  Considering the gig economy
Some areas of the gig economy, such as delivery services and ride-sharing, are seeing a boom due to people’s quarantined needs. Of course, these need to be weighed against the risk of working on the front lines right now, but something like TaskRabbit, where people can set their own rate and hours and choose their jobs, can be a great option.

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